May 18, 2021   1:28am

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Spell Out your New Year’s Good Intentions (download for free)!

Download this now — a Certificate where you can spell out all your good intentions for the New Year.  It’s not too late!


Click here to download your very own Certificate of Good Intentions


Snoety’s full of good intentions — like coming up with a New Year’s gift to show our appreciation to you, our readers …

This got us to thinking about New Year’s “resolutions”: How easy they are to make but how seldom delivered, much less remembered. Why not create an alternative … something feel good … so that throughout 2009 you can pat yourself on the back for all your good intentions, even if (for some unavoidable reason) you don’t quite pull them off?

Tah Dah!!!

We bring you your very own, very exclusive downloadable snoety 2009 Certificate of Good Intentions — a document you can “gift” to others or keep as a pledge to yourself. You can fold and wrap … frame … tape to your mate’s mirror … put on your fridge door… or … formalize with your family … ! You’re only limited by your imagination.

Have a very happy 2009 and may we all continue to have the very best intentions,



FYI: The Encarta Dictionary says:
A resolution is: A firm decision to do something; firmness of mind or purpose.
An intention is: Something that somebody plans to do.

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