May 18, 2021   2:14am

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Evernote: Don’t lose that misplaced thought again

You know all those things you assure yourself that you’ll remember but inevitably forget and, then, later can’t find that info …

The days of forgetting are officially over. What was the name of that wine you had at dinner on Monday? How about the lawyer’s number you scrawled on a napkin? Well now, has made it virtually unnecessary to remember such things — literally. Evernote lets you easily capture information using your computer or cellphone (whichever’s most convenient wherever you are); you’ll find it accessible and searchable later on.

Seems vague, we know. To simplify, imagine using your cell phone camera or computer to capture those things you want to remember. For example:
– Highlight a blouse you saw on a website and drop it into Evernotes on your computer.
– Take a phone pix of a restaurant matchbook, and it automatically files into your Evernotes system.
– Then, search Evernote any time, from your computer or phone, and that blouse or the matchbook is there for you. No thinking required.

We signed on, and it’s really easy — a little like e-mail in that you can scroll down to get your information or use the search tool. Every time you add something to Evernote a box comes up and asks you to name it. For example, if you want to remember a restaurant review you read online, just type in some reminder words so you can search for it later.

Evernote can even decipher and search handwritten notes, words inside of pictures and more.  It sure beats rummaging through all that crumpled old paper in your purse and on your bureau.

Check it out with this short video demo by clicking here.

Download and use it for free at, and if you like it enough to use it more and more, get the Premium edition.  For right now, we’re just using the free one.

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