May 16, 2021   6:58pm

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My Diet Secret that truly works


My diet secret.  It really works!

This new Harvard/Pennington two year research study that’s out on which diets work,* made me remember to share with you the ultimate diet secret that I’ve been using for years … But first, a comment, and, then, the secret.

Comment:  I could have saved these researchers a lot of time and money because I know all about the impact of calories.  This started back in my college days when my evening “snack” consisted pretty much of Pizza, mexican food and Sugar Daddy’s. When my clothes got so tight that a new wardrobe was in the offing, I bought a book that gave me the calorie count for most foods, learned the numbers and started counting. This worked, and to this day, I still count.

However, while this obviously imposes a sort of reality-check, that’s not my “secret”.

My major secret is quite simple. Never tell yourself you can’t have anything (we’re talking food here). Because the minute you do, all you’ll focus on is eating that one thing – seriously and obsessively.  So, rather than denying yourself, tell yourself instead, “Well, you can certainly have this, but not until later.” What typically happens is that by later, you’ll be busy doing something else.  However, suppose later comes and you still want whatever, don’t say No!, just put it off again.  Now there are times, that — regardless of how hard you try, you just can’t wait.  Go ahead.  It’s okay.  No need for guilt. Do indulge — but commit in advance to how much. And, stick to it!

Well, you didn’t think it would be totally easy, right?

Now, here’s my minor secret. Chocolate. Very dark bitter chocolate (really best if you melt a bit in a microwave). Maybe one square or two — not the whole bar!  It cuts your desire for a sweet – because it is one – but because it’s bitter, you don’t eat too much of it. You lose the craving.

Last note. People are always saying things to me like, “Well, you’re lucky, you’re thin.” Okay, I do have “small bones,” but, guess what – this thin business takes real effort.  And, the mantra is:  “DON’T do today what you can do tomorrow (or, actually, five minutes from now).” If you try never saying no but waiting a few minutes instead, it becomes self-rewarding and natural —  a habit that’s a good one.

Try it, and let me know.



*Learn more about this study in this week’s snoety News to Know, “Dieting:  Do calories count?”

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