May 18, 2021   1:02am

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How to “Sole” Search for Spring …

The total go-to person on the designer shoe floor at Saks, Jilda gives us her “sole” insights for shoe shopping this spring ….

Time to think about spring “sole” searching again.

In this economy think cost-of-each-wearing. Of the new shoes you invest in, will you wear them one or two days each week? If “no,” do they really earn the closet and budget space they take up? I’m saying, go basic!

I’m not telling you to pass up those 120mm heels you just love from Miu Miu or Gucci, I’m just suggesting that they’ll still be there at sale time, and, by then, you may be more in need of the kind of high sexy kicks that wear better with a hot Man on each arm for balance. (Don’t we wish!)

On another note, this is a great time to move out those never-fit-quite-right business shoes, and “Dress for Success” is a great place to donate.

Jilda Deline
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