May 16, 2021   7:20pm

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Unconventional Wedding Gifts

carrolboyes_ss.jpgYou know how you can never find cheese knives you like? Well, many years ago on a trip to Johannesburg, I fell upon these amazing

serving pieces by Carrol Boyes and scooped up a punch to bring back home with me. Now Carrol has a terrific sto

re in New York and has greatly expanded her line.


skip the conventional this year, and check out Carrol’s beautifully-crafted and unique pieces. From spun and cast aluminum to pewter and stainless steel, the designs have a seamless liquidity to them that create some amazingly artistic wares that you won’t want to hide in the cabinet or drawer (with functionality for every day use in the home). Choose from a variety of kitchenware, including pitchers, plates and platters and look out for the home decor section for their stunning vases, coasters and magazine racks. Fabulous gifts!

These “quirky designs, inspired by all things African,” led Carrol to develop a business that earned her the award of ” Top Woman Owned Company of the Year” in South Africa. Now, you don’t have to hop on a plane or online to marvel at her work. Visit the retail store in SoHo at the location below or go online …

Carrol Boyes
118 Prince Street
New York, NY 10012
P: 212.334.3556

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