May 18, 2021   2:16am

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So many iPhone Applications — which to use?

Now that there are, literally, thousands of iPhone applications to choose from, which do you go for? Here’s what someone who really is in-the-know (WSJ’s Mossberg) suggests …

“If you own an iPhone or iPod Touch, the App Store is what makes your device worth its price,” says The Wall Street Journal‘s Walter Mossberg in his article on iPhone Applications. “It’s the software, not the hardware, that makes these gadgets compelling.”

If you’re an iPhone user you already know about all the fun little extras you can load onto the device. They help you do everything from learn Spanish to use your iPhone as a flute (yeah, they get a little bizarre). But in the latest by Mossberg, he goes through his favorite, my useful apps. A recap of those with quotes is below, or, check out the full article here.

Tweetie ($2.99): “…great job of showing me the social network’s short, but numerous, postings, but also makes it easy to track topic trends, to post my own entries, and to conduct and save searches.”

Facebook (free): “It allows you to view and upload status messages and photos, to check in on your friends, to manage friend requests, and to handle the service’s internal email and chats.”

Kindle (free): “…gives you rapid access to any Kindle e-books you’ve bought, helps you buy new ones and makes the e-books easy to read on the iPhone.”

ICE (99 cents): “This app, whose name stands for In Case of Emergency…displays your name and contact information; the names and info for your doctors or other emergency contacts; and lists of your medical conditions, allergies and the medications you take.”

Easy Wi-Fi ($2.99): “Automates the process [of typing in all the log-in information for your commercial Wi-Fi hot spots] so you have to press only one button.”

ReaddleDocs ($9.99): “…synchronize files with a PC or Mac.”

Quordy ($2.99): A game that “requires you to form as many words as possible from a random screen of letters in a set time period.”

Google Mobile (free): “…makes searching in Google even easier, with instant search suggestions, searches based on your location, and even the ability to enter search terms by speaking them rather than typing them…”

Ahhh … so much to learn … so much to do!  Do you have a favorite?  Pass it on …

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