May 09, 2021   2:03am

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Could you wear only one dress the entire year?

Is it possible to wear one dress for the entire year?  One young stylish woman thinks so …

Remember when Donna Karan was practically only doing black.  And then each year she’d introduce new items that went great with those from the prior year.  (I loved that!)   I was reminded of those days when I looked at the video in the Daily Candy article “Same As It Ever Was” about Sheena Matheiken.

Sheena remembered her own school days back in India where she and her friends would distinguish themselves by personalizing their uniforms with their own unique flair, and she saw an opportunity in that activity to do something big — raise money for Indian school children living in slums.  Her Aha! … The Uniform Project*.”  She’s styles one little black dress that she wears everyday as a way to raise funds for the Akanksha Foundation, an organization dedicated to revolutionizing education in India by spending $360.00 on each slum child — 7 million of them — who otherwise would never get to go to school.  That $360.000 is the same amount the Indian government spends on each child in public schools.

Matheiken encourages visitors to donate to the foundation on her site (especially if they really like her outfit that day), and she has already raised $5,001 (as of this moment) for the cause.

Watch the video. … along with getting some clever styling tips, you’ll smile and, if you donate even $1, do some good.

Isn’t it amazing how creative people are about raising money these days?

And thinking of creative:  Hey, Donna, why not take us back to that highly reusable but stylish concept that worked so well?

*Be sure to click on the calendar so you can see the unique accessorizing for each day — mostly from vintage stores in New York and the Bay Area!

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