June 19, 2021   10:08am

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A Kindle for $299 and, now, accessories!

It always pisses me off when I see something at a lower price when I paid the higher one.  However, where Amazon’s Kindle is concerned, I’m going to make an exception. 

If you’ve been reading snoety, by now you know all about my love-affair with this reading device. (And if not, you can check out our last post on it here!)  It’s great for travel (wait until you’re grounded in an airport at some miserable time in the morning with everything closed!) … It’s great to catch up with your reading on a subway or commuter train (no heavy books to lug) … And it’s great for buying that book you want to read downloaded in less than a minute … And it’s great to have access to all those newspapers … And …

Okay.  JUST NOW the price has gone from $400.00 when it was first it’s introduced to $299 for the latest and greatest model! So if you hadn’t already bought one based on our reviews (and those of your friends and my sister), here’s a link to buy it now.  And, they just announced some accessories — this is good because I’ve been worried that without a cover my Kindle was going to get damaged in some way and now they have them in all colors and different skins from $29.99 to $119.99.  There’s also a clip on light (hoorah!) for $19.99 (don’t you love those .99s) and some isolating earbuds for $29.95. (Click here to buy any of these accessories from Amazon.)

Yes, I still love my print paper books, and, yes, my family already has two.    It would be great now to have an excuse to buy another …


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