May 18, 2021   1:56am

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Mario Talks: My Hair Needs Help!

Leave it to Mario to come up with ways — right out of your kitchen pantry — to fix whatever’s ailing your hair and make it glow …

Here are some terrific ways to fix your hair that come right out of your kitchen pantry:

Balancing your scalp:  Use Tea Tree Oil
This is commonly used in haircare products, has antiseptic properties and is good for treating dandruff.
CAUTION:  If used alone, must dilute with water first and don’t let it get into your ears!

Nourish your hair with these two oils:
Coconut Oil and Castor Oil
Coconut Oil adds shine and moisture without weighing your hair down.
Directions – you can apply directly to hair; massage into scalp for treatment of dandruff; shampoo after.

Castor Oil nourishes with its fatty acids and is an excellent emollient.  Very thick, it can be mixed with other oils — such as Coconut — and applied to your scalp for balancing effect.
Directions – Apply to scalp and massage into scalp for 10 minutes.  Shampoo and condition as usual.
CAUTION: Avoid the ingestible kind. Get “cold pressed castor oil” from a health food store.

Other nourishing oils include:  jojoba, sesame, almond, grape seed, and rose hip.

Moisturize your hair: Olive Oil
This is a great moisturizer for dry hair with its high level of mono-unsaturated fats and vitamin E which also protect and nourish.
Directions – Heat the oil first (but NOT too hot) for better penetration of the hair shaft; leave it in for 30 minutes; shampoo well to remove residue. If treatment leaves residue, rinse with vinegar or shampoo mixed with baking soda.

Seal your hairs’ cuticles and give your hair shine: Vinegar

This seals the cuticles, as in the scales that form the outer layer of the hair shaft, making that shine on your hair beautiful. Directions – Mix the vinegar with cold water and use as a final rinse

Nourish: Vinegar
Vinegar makes your hair shine.  When you pick your vinegar, go for white or apple cider.  (The latter is more popular.)  Vinegar doesn’t affect colored hair and by sealing the cuticle, it helps to keep the color inside the hair shaft.
Directions – Mix the vinegar with cold water and use as a final rinse

Next post I’ll talk about the herbs that help your hair …

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