June 19, 2021   10:12am

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Weeeeeeee’re back!

It’s nice that many of you noticed that we’ve “been away.” It’s a loooong story but, honestly, I’ve been so overwhelmed with truly fascinating projects and related travel, that something had to give … and that was (unwittingly) snoety.  So, snoety’s back, and, we learned a few things:

• A lot of you wondered where we went. Yea!

• Others said come back, but please do so a little less frequently!

• And still others asked: “When are you starting up again; I really use your stuff?”

• But most of all, selfishly, I really missed doing snoety!

So be it.

Your input and my own schedule (I mean how many sites can a person read?) helped me recognize that snoety needs to stay even more relevant but less often.

That about sums it up …

You‘re busy.
We‘re out there exploring a lot of info you don’t have the time to find.
We enjoy sharing.
You seem to like grazing through a variety of the different subjects we choose.

Yep.  Be relevant; less often …

That’s what we intend to do,


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