May 18, 2021   1:07am

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How Proportions (even shoes) Make for a Thinner-looking You

That Domenica (our Dressing expert) — she’s always focusing on how we can look better (and, of course, thinner). Here are her secrets to figure flattering dressing … and, yes, even shoes make the difference …


Play With Proportions:

Start at the Neck
Flashing some decollete with a low neckline or a shirt unbuttoned to the breastbone is a great way to draw the eye up and away from a heavier lower half

Tonal contrast
A light top and a dark bottom focuses eyes on your upper half and will make you look taller.

What a Waist
If you have a long body and short legs, a high waisted skirt (sitting on or above your natural waistline) will make you look longer, as well as draw attention to your narrowest point. Always balance a high waist with a low neckline or your upper body may look short.

Knees up
Unless you’re blessed with ultra-slender calves, the most flattering hem length is on or just above above the knee – anything longer will make your lower leg look chunky.

Wear a gem
A statement necklace is a clever way to keep all eyes where you want them – a piece that rests mid-chest will draw attention away from your bust and stomach.

Summer skirt shape-up
Full skirts with cinched in waists make your middle look slim …thick fabric and a structured A-line skirt are perfect for hiding a less than toned stomach … sleeves and extra fabric at the neckline pad out your top half, while the flowing skirt skims heavy hips and thighs.

Fulsome frontage
A deep neckline is more flattering for your top half.

Got hips
Work the full skirt — the waistband should sit snugly on your natural waist and, while it needs balancing with a fitted top, avoid anything clingy — a soft tucked in blouse is more now.

Go for long legged trousers with a subtle flair. Don’t make the mistake of thinking really big flares will cancel hips out. They actually make them look larger.

Shoes for lovely legs

Styles that leave a lot of foot bare – rather than cutting you off with lots of straps at the ankle.

To make your legs look even longer wear heels that show toe cleavage.

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