June 19, 2021   8:34am

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Hello, again!

Many of you wondered when snoety was coming back. Here we are, just in time for 2011.  Along with new life insights (later on that),  here are some additions we’ve made. Let us know what you think.


“Easy Tech”
Things tech are in “Easy Tech.”  We’ll be covering everything from Facebook changes to our favorite iApps to best smart phones & laptops to Tweeting to … the idea is to make it all, well, easy.

Tweeting — but NOT as a major waste of time.
Only items of interest, please!   Not about us, but about you … a compelling article … a current “event” … something that can’t wait …. You’ll find a “How to tweet with snoety” tutorial and a twitter feed as well. For you non-twitter-ers, here’s a chance to become aficionados.

Twenty Something replaces College Crowd
This is written by one of the hipper young women we know, Modesta Zapata.  I figure we can all learn more from them than they do from us!  Anyway, that’s been my experience.

Leadership (replaces “What’s Next”)
Our “What’s Next” writer figured it out and founded Cindy Levine Group.  She’s now passing some of her Leadership Coaching knowledge on to us.


“The Saboteur”
This section’s sole purpose is to make us think again about some of our belief systems – from dieting to politics to what have you.  Care to contribute?  Knock our socks off with a contrarian point-of-view.

Under our “Secrets & Musings” categories:

“Politics & Controversy”
A new section that replaces the prior Yes, We Can. Here you’ll find arguments, columns and commentary about the state of the state today.

“Links we Like” (replaced Quips, Links & Quotes)
Our links to other sites we like — this will continue to change and grow. If you have a site favorite, let us know.

It really feels great to have snoety back on my mind.  Do send us what’s on yours, too.


PS:  If you have to endure any glitches, let us know.  We could have missed something with our changes.

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