June 19, 2021   9:46am

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Making 2011 interesting

Have been pondering this story (below), and thought a good time to share — It was received as part of Robyn Water’s* Trend/CounterTrend New Year newsletter.

Robyn wrote that it’s “about achieving that delicate balance between letting go and disciplining ourselves.”  I thought it to be more about having an interest in what you’re learning on the way to wherever you end up.

You may have a very different idea …


A young boy traveled across Japan to the school of a famous martial artist. When he arrived at the karate school he was given an audience by the sensei.

“What do you wish from me?” the master asked.

“I wish to be your student and become the finest karateka in the land,” the boy replied. “How long must I study?”

“Ten years at least,” the master answered.

“Ten years is a long time,” said the boy. “What if I studied twice as hard as all your other students?”

“Twenty years at least,” the master answered.

“Twenty years! What if I practice day and night with all my effort?”

“Thirty years,” was the master’s reply.

“How is it that each time I say I will work harder, you tell me it will take longer?” the boy asked.

“The answer is clear,” replied the master. “When one eye is fixed upon your destination, there is only one eye left with which to find the way.”


HAPPY 2011 EVERYBODY!  May you find both the journey and the destination interesting, educational and, yes, enjoyable 🙂


*Robyn is president and founder of RW Trend, LLC. She is the author of The Trendmaster’s Guide: Get a Jump on What Your Customer Wants Next, and The Hummer and the Mini: Navigating the Contradictions of the New Trend Landscape. Learn more about her at www.rwtrend.com

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