May 09, 2021   12:54am

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Cooking the French way but easy

Even you can cook like a French chef …

Reviewing cookbooks in The New York Times, Sam Sifton singled out one new cookbook author we truly admire, Richard Grausman — for his very fine cookbooks, YES, but also for his organization C-CAP (Careers through Culinary Arts Program), who works with public schools to make careers in the food and hospitality industry a possibility for underserved high school students. (check it out).   But you’re here to read about a terrific cookbook that makes cooking the French way a lot easier.  Here’s what Sifton had to say about Grausman’s re-issue of his French Classics cookbook:

“More accessible for the new cook and the exhausted, overworked experienced one alike is French Classics Made Easy (Workman, paper, $16.95), by Richard Grausman. Also a reissue, from a 1988 original, it combines smart advice for streamlined versions of timeless French dishes with a simple, reader-friendly and ­Workman-specific layout and type style that will be familiar to anyone who has cooked from the Silver Palate cookbooks. Here’s a top-notch blanquette de veau darkened (to the good!) with morels, as well as fine instruction on making a truffled roast chicken, fast soufflés, all the great French egg-yolk sauces, an onion tart and crêpes suzette. For those interested in, if slightly intimidated by, the intricacies of French cuisine, this book will be a balm.”

Even for those less than perfect chefs, c’est moi at chez moi, this is a cookbook to try,

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