June 19, 2021   8:45am

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Rosé — This Summer’s “IT” Wine

There’s a drink for every occasion… Beer for baseball, eggnog for Xmas, martinis for the girls’ night out. If we could anoint a drink the official must-swill of the summer, it would be roséand it seems The New York Times thinks so too…

At a 4th of July weekend bash, we were surprised that the first alcohol to disappear was the cool, fresh, pink rosé.  Everyone was asking for more. And we weren’t the only ones who encountered a mad-dash for the blush.  The general manager of our local neighborhood wine shop, Tangled Vine, is quoted as saying:  “I’m always running out.” “People are going insane!”   So if you want to pick a bottle that pairs well with BBQ, read “Rosés of a Different Color” by Eric Asimov in The New York Times. HINT: He recommends muscular rosés from Spain “for the guy mopping the ribs with sauce as they sizzle.”

The top wines tasted by The Times were:

1. 2010 Ros de Pacs; Parés Baltà, $11 (no.1 and cheapest wine tasted!): “As with many of these rosados, this one had a touch of residual sugar, but the sweetness was so well balanced by the acidity that the overall effect was greatly refreshing.”

2. 2010 Carnacha Rosado: Campos de Enanzo in Navarra: “…dark but steely, tangy and earthy.”

3. 2000 López de Heredia Viña Tondonia, $24: Since most rosés are best when they’re freshest, this one stood out since it’s only released after about a decade of aging and results in a “coppery orange wine with a captivating texture and flavors of coconut and minerals.”

To see more of the Times’ favorite rosés, read the entire article here.

For your next BBQ, consider nixing the bucket of Budweiser and opting for a case of rosé instead— it will most certainly be a hit, and might even save you extra room for that brisket to fill your belly.

TIP: Local liquor store out of rosé like the rest of us? For another light, crisp, summery alternative, consider a Portuguese Vinho Verde (our other new seasonal favorite). Our top pick: Gazela, it’ll run you around $4 a bottle if you buy a case at Astor Liquors or around $11 individually.

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