May 16, 2021   6:35pm

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Looking for a pet? This might just be your answer!

Want a dog or cat, but don’t know where to go?  Here’s a quick and easy answer …

Check out the new Shelter Pet Project website, where you can search quickly to find adoptable pets in need of love in your area.

This pet adoption site is easy to scan, looks good and makes adopting a pet as easy as search, scan, submit a request for more info.

Simply visit the site, plug in your zip code and The Shelter Project finds all the pets (either cats or dogs) in your area in need of a home, complete with a name, picture, bio, sharing options, and more info on Petfinder. You can even do an advanced search on cats where you can search by breed, sex, size and age. The same can be done for dogs, though as of right now, you are unable to search by breed.

It’s easy to get lost in the pages of these incredible shelter animals (yeah, they know how to take pictures with those sad, sweet eyes)  and hard to imagine that so many have been abandoned — saved from kill shelters and still owner-less.

One reservation, if you or your children have any allergies, this may not be the route to take unless you can check the breeds.  Some, like Scotties and Portuguese Water dogs, seem to work fine with certain types of allergies.  Cat allergies — be careful!

With that one qualifier out of the way, if you’re looking to adopt, Snoety says give the animals on this website a chance because, as the site says, “A person is the best thing to happen to a shelter animal. Be that person!”

How’s that for guilt trip?!  Just give that wonderful, loveable little creature a hug from us, too.

FYI:  The Shelter Pet Project is a joint effort by The Humane Society, Maddie’s Fund (a no-kill organization) , the Ad Council and the online database of animals in need of homes,

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