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Cancer Symptoms You’re Most Likely to Ignore

Everyone has a friend or family member with Cancer.  And we all read about those cancers that we may have some familiarity with, so may feel we know what to look for.  However, according to  “Cancer Symptoms You Are Most Likely to Ignore” by Melanie Haiken from Caring.com and Yahoo! Health,  you shouldn’t rely on tests alone, and there are some little-known signs of cancer you should note to ensure early detection and treatment.

Below is a very simple version of cancer symptoms  indicated in the article; however, you should check out the more in-depth information through the links noted at the end of this post.

Breast Cancer:
Red, sore or swollen breasts and cellulite-like dimpled skin on the breasts
Nipple changes (flattened, inverted or sideways)
Itchy, scaly, crusty skin on nipple

Ovarian Cancer:
Bloating or abdominal weight gain not associated with period
Feeling full and unable to eat
Pelvic pain

Endometrial or Uterine Cancer:
Unusually heavy or painful periods
Spotting between periods

Lung Cancer:
Wheezing and shortness of breath
“Clubbing” of fingernails (fingertip enlargement with nails that curve over tip)

Thyroid Cancer:
Breathing problems

Esophageal/Throat Cancer:
Difficulty swallowing or hoarseness
Heartburn or low-level pain in chest after eating

Frequent fevers or infections
Flu-like symptoms for an extended period of time
Weakness and fatigue

Colorectal Cancer:
Stomach cramps/upset stomach
Unexplained weight loss
Bowel problems such as constipation, diarrhea and changes in stool or frequency of stools

Pancreatic Cancer:
Fatty stools that are pale and smelly

Skin Cancer:
Changes in fingernails

Liver Cancer:
Pale or white nails

Stomach Cancer:
Abdominal pain that mimics gas or heartburn (usually goes away with antacids)


“Cancer Symptoms You Are Most Likely to Ignore,” by Melanie Haiken, Caring.com via Yahoo! Health, October 7, 2011


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