June 19, 2021   10:04am

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A wristband for your healthy iPhone-er!

Here’s a cool present for the iPhone-toting loved ones in your life— your very own 24/7 health monitor (as a wristband).

Stick with us, this really is worth knowing about …

Jawbone brings us something new — an Up wristband that will do everything from monitor daily movement to sleeping habits.  It works a lot like Nike’s app on the iPhone, tracking how many steps you walk, distance you travel, calories burned, and intensity level.  It’s even set up to alert you to get up and move around if you’ve been inactive for too long — great for people with back and other problems from sitting in front of the computer without a break!

During the day, Up also allows you to track what you eat using a food diary. Take photos of your food and provide commentary on how it makes you feel, and Up will determine which foods make you feel the best.

When it’s time for sleep, simply put Up in sleep mode and have it track how long you slept, the stages of your sleep and wake you up when it thinks the time is best by using the vibrator in the wristband.

You can even shower with it, because it’s waterproof – designed to live with you 24/7.

For a full description, check out the Geek.com article, “Jawbone’s Up is a smart wristband that aims to keep you healthy,” here or buy your own now from their website.

Priced at $100 with a free iPhone app, what could be better (well, okay, but you know what we mean) …


Geek.com, “Jawbone’s Up is a smart wristband that aims to keep you healthy,” Blake Ellison, November 4, 2011

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